In the heart of the picturesque Bornheim district in Frankfurt am Main, a new beacon of architectural elegance is set to rise. This modern multi-family house isn’t just another addition to the cityscape; it’s an epitome of refined urban living. Every facet of this establishment has been designed considering three core principles: security, avant-garde modernity, and the allure of luxurious living.

Its architectural prowess isn’t just skin-deep. From the thoughtfully designed main entrance at ground level to the intricate and artistically rendered balcony designs that grace each floor, the building showcases an immaculate attention to detail. And for those seeking the zenith of luxury, the penthouse offers an unmatched blend of spaciousness, design, and panoramic views. This establishment stands as a testament to how contemporary aesthetics can be seamlessly blended with functional architecture.

Creating these detailed exterior renders was a collaborative journey between the talented Render Vision team and our esteemed clients. Our combined objective was to not just showcase a building, but to narrate the story of its unique character, its ultramodern facade, and its strategic positioning in one of Frankfurt’s most sought-after districts. Through these renders, we believe we’ve encapsulated the essence of this architectural gem, waiting to be discovered.

CLIENT: FBW Projektbau
DATE: 2021
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