In the picturesque suburb of Vienna’s sought-after 23rd district, a new architectural icon is emerging: Wohnpark Liesing I. This subsidized multi-family housing complex, poised to become a landmark in its own right, combines both functionality and aesthetics to cater to modern living demands.

Every residence within this grand establishment echoes a touch of personal space and luxury. Whether it’s a serene garden for those who cherish nature, a spacious terrace for gatherings, a loggia offering unparalleled views, or a private balcony to enjoy Vienna’s ambience – each apartment promises its own unique outdoor experience. Catering to a diverse group of residents, the individual apartment layouts have been meticulously designed. Singles, couples, and families can find a space tailored to their specific needs, ensuring comfort and functionality.

Render Vision’s architectural visualization brings out the true essence of Wohnpark Liesing I. Our renders capture the delicate balance between the building’s modern flair and its informal charm. The visuals stand as a testament to the architectural prowess that believes in merging smart, innovative designs with pure elegance.

CLIENT: IFA Institut für Anlageberatung AG
DATE: 2021
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