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CGI images: a strong sales channel that really pays off

CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) are 3D computer graphics that can be used to create incredibly realistic, high-quality images. The process is used in the industry as well as in the field of architecture. Before products and buildings can be virtually created, high-performance equipment together with a high level of expertise are required. And as a CGI company Render-Vision provides both.

Render-Vision excels at producing breathtaking interior and architectural visualizations, and we are a powerful 3D rendering service provider. Our ten years of experience in this sector benefits you in many ways. We are able to master new challenges with confidence, in the most prompt and professional manner. Rest assured, you will only get CGI images with fascinating detail and a unique character from us.

CGI images: portray real estate that does not yet exist

Visualizations through CGI images can be used in many ways. The high-resolution images are ideal for attracting customers, investors, and business partners to your site. With CGI, not only can existing buildings be skillfully staged, but also properties that are still in the planning phase. Everything that has four walls and a roof can be designed! Single-family homes, bungalows, residential complexes or other buildings such as shopping centres, warehouses, and airport terminals are presented in a way that is strong and concise. Real-estate CGIs can be shown to their best advantage not only on high-resolution monitors but also on smartphones and tablets. They are also the first choice for presentation in print media. Our architectural visualizations leave a positive and unforgetable impression on any target group.

Real Estate CGIs: a thousand times better than photographs

Render Vision brings ideas to life. Inspire customers and business partners with flawless 3D-visualizations that cannot even reality cannot match. With CGI images, there are no imperfections that can distract from the image. They have an unsurpassable advantage over conventional photography – they are perfect! Buildings are presented not as they actually are, but in their perfect light.

Imagine you have to photograph a property from its best side in a city centre. The project  can quickly turn into a nightmare. Parked cars, construction sites, street lights or transmitter masts usually ruin a harmonious overall impression. In addition, falling lines when photographing tall buildings will make the shots look unprofessional. These are caused when the camera is pointed diagonally upwards from a short distance. All these problems are completely eliminated with professionally-created CGI images.

Real Estate CGIs: Quality rendering is what makes the difference

The most important part of creating CGIs is the rendering. In principle, all project data consists of lines and grids. They are only suitable for the technical presentation of projects. The created matrices are unimpressive and boring, and they only have significance for viewers with expert knowledge. Only the rendering generates virtual works of art from the available data. We assign materials, textures, and physical properties to all surfaces to create realistic buildings, rooms and objects. Render Vision works exclusively with software solutions from prestigious providers, which put modular systems and 3D building planners intended for domestic use to shame.

Let us create your CGI: We open new perspectives

CGI visualizations literally open up new perspectives. They represent an important aspect in rendering. There are no obstacles that will cloud the view of real estate. You have the choice of unlimited perspectives for presenting the building. Even bird’s-eye images are available ,to show buildings from an elevated position. If the surroundings are also to be shown, CGI images similar to those of drone photography are ideal.

Convincing potential clients through 3-D visualization

What is more convincing than reality? Impress your clients with 3D-visualizations and 3D-animations that are indistinguishable from, or even surpass, reality.

Render-Vision offers professional, photorealistic high-end 3D visualization for architects, interior designers and product designers. Whether interior visualization, high-class product presentations or real-estate architectural visualization, our many years of experience and expertise in 3D visualization means that extra-realistic and fully convincing representations are guaranteed.

Render-Vision: We make products and architecture sculptural

We don’t just focus on the object: we also build perfect lighting and weather conditions into scenes. And we design these exactly to your taste. Unlike picture montages, they are an integral part of the virtual scenery. With CGI images, artificial-looking retouching is a thing of the past. Whether atmospheric sunsets, bright blue skies, or multi-faceted cloud formations, the resulting light reflections are even reflected in details such as glass panes and metal surfaces. In this way, CGI images are unsurpassed in their realism.

Render Vision: Quality without ifs, ands, or buts

Exploit the full potential of CGI images with Render Vision. The equipment we use and our know-how ensure that each image does not miss its representative effect. Powerful processors are built into the hardware that is used. They contain the necessary power to handle even complex rendering processes in record time. Our software exceeds professional standards and can cope with even the highest demands effortlessly.

Professionalism from the first contact to the finished picture

We create your CGIs in an uncomplicated way. The process is simple: Just send us your ideas in the form of project data. This could be CAD floor plans, two- or three-dimensional templates, graphics, technical drawings and sketches. The more detailed the material, the more precisely will the project meet your requirements.

After the order has been placed, we will work out the perfect concept in close cooperation with you. Our team, specialized in architectural rendering and visualizations, will implement all specifications exactly. Rest assured, we never compromise quality and creativity. The processing times are extremely short. The finished project is available after a few working days. Due to our efficient way of working, we deliver outstanding CGI images without any hassle.

You can influence all details of the project with us. Before the actual rendering, we send you several drafts with different views. Choose a coherent perspective for your project. If there is nothing suitable, just contact us. You also have the opportunity to tell us your specific wishes regarding the direction of the view as well as the cut-out. When we have your OK, we will start with the first rendering process. We will equip the 3D model and the environment with textures, materials and light sources. You can find detailed information about the process here.

Perfecting CGI Images

CGIs are perfect from the very start. Most elements can be constructed and later rendered. All images can be provided with an extra finish if desired. Professional image processing programs are used for that purpose. They make it possible to integrate things, such as people and animals, that are difficult to create on the computer. The additional work steps make CGI images come to life.

In order to give your Real Estate CGIs the final touch, we will be happy to come up with an idea. An appealing property in a rural environment convinces through its tranquility. However, if grazing cows can be seen in the background of a picture, the scenery becomes even more idyllic. Pool landscapes are another example: a bathing beauty at the edge of a pool makes the surroundings appear more dynamic. Post-processing is only limited by details that do not distract from the essential.

Render-Vision – Put us to the test, and we’ll show you unparalleled service

Using CGI images from Render Vision, you can benefit from decisive competitive advantages. Even if projects are still in the starting phase, you’ll be able to deliver sophisticated ideas that not only give you an idea of what buildings look like but you also will be able to present them from the sunny side in all their aesthetic glory. 

As an expert rendering service provider, we implement 3D- visualizations for small projects just as reliably as for public and large projects. Our clients include investors, architects, brokers, marketing agencies, and property developers. If you would like to convince yourself of the high quality of our CGI images, then see it with your own eyes:  our strong references will give you the opportunity to view all the we are capable of.

Let us advise you in detail. In a personal conversation, we will show you the fascinating and endless possibilities of 3D-visualizations. We would be pleased to visit you directly on location, or communicate with you through a video conference. Just contact us by phone or e-mail. And you can find more information about Computer Generated Imagery here.

Clarity through 3D-animations

Hardly anything else makes a product as vivid and attractive as a high-quality, photorealistic 3D animation. We make even otherwise highly complex facts or product presentations that require a high degree of explanation understandable for your customers at first glance by means of high-class 3D animations. Thus, we unmistakably put the essential in the foreground and make sure that it can be understood holistically and intuitively without having to lose many words. A picture says more than a thousand words, a 3D animation from Render Vision more than a thousand pictures.

Let’s create customized interior renderings together!


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