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Easy, quick, efficient: Our Apartment Viewer

Imagine not having to organize various meetings to present your real estate development, but instead allowing your clients to explore your vision and access all information they require, in just a few clicks.

Here’s How Our Apartment Finder Works

Showing potential clients involved incommercial or residential real estate investing your building construction plans is time consuming and impossible, if construction hasn’t even started yet. Our Apartment Viewer allows you to observe and inspect not only the overall building in its future environment, but also every apartment unit individually. Your clients get all the needed information of your real estate development at one glance. Availability, living space in square meters and other facts are one click away, just like the PDF exposé available for download.

Save Time And Offer More Results

Whether you work in commercial real estate development or you focus on residential projects, you can save valuable time and money with the Apartment Viewer: imagine being able to skip countless meetings to show clients a hardly accessible construction site – now you can simply allow them to visit your property online and in their own time. The interactive and intuitive features of the data-based 3D Apartment Viewer allow you to zoom in on a building, turn it around, and observe it from every angle. The different parameters and filters can be set for individual clients and their specific requests. This way, the software makes the communication with anyone interested in developing real estate much faster and more effective.

Sell And Market Your Individual Projects More Efficiently

If we make it easy for you, you can make it easy for your clients. We know that each field has its own challenges, whether it’s real estate development firms, investors and decision makers in commercial real estate, or companies responsible for development building construction.

What they all have in common, however, is that they need to present their projects in a way that makes it as easy and accessible as possible. The Apartment Viewer by Render Vision makes the process of viewing and eventually deciding to buy the property or apartment unit as smooth as possible. Whatever your clients need to know more about; the layout, size, level, or surrounding area of the real estate development – you answer all of their questions, before they’re even asked. Plus, you make them feel supported, yet independent in their consideration: your clients can explore your idea in a professionally created 3D rendering in their own time, and simply download an exposé as PDF if needed.

Impressive 3D renderings and professional support

It is especially during the planning phase, when the building construction hasn’t started yet, when clients interested in real estate investing are hard to convince. Our dedicated and talented team of designers at Render Vision give you and your clients the needed visual context: You get to show them with the data-based 3D Apartment Viewer where their future development in real estate will be located, and how each apartment and floor is arranged. Allow investors and stakeholders to observe the building or complex in its new environment and enjoy the impressive 3D visualization we create for you. What you get to enjoy, apart from successful deals and projects, is professional consultation and support through Render Vision. Our team is by your side, every step of the way.

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