Where would the future of medicine live? In a sleek, futuristic building, of course! Meet the upcoming North Star Medical Centre in Queensland, the new home for medical research businesses and specialists.

We decided to depict its modern #architecture in this 3D Rendering during the morning hours.  The sun hits the building to make it resplendently, while a crisp and bright sky in the background helps it stand out even more.

At Render Vision, we pride ourselves on our ability to depict the future of various industries through our 3D architectural renderings. In collaboration with TVS architects, we’ve brought the futuristic North Star Medical Centre in Queensland to life, providing a unique perspective on this beacon of medical advancement. Our detailed 3D renderings offer an immersive preview of the building, highlighting its modern architecture bathed in the warmth of morning light. Whether it’s a state-of-the-art medical facility or another ambitious project, trust Render Vision to deliver photorealistic visualizations that accurately depict your architectural vision.

We enjoyed bringing this captivating project to life for TVS architects and can’t wait to see the finished result!

CLIENT: TVS architects
DATE: 2023
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