The appeal of urban living can be ruined by the reality of dirt and pollution in big cities. However, today’s forward-looking architecture trend is giving city dwellers the opportunity to enjoy nature through green buildings. Here in the Urban Forest, greenery doesn’t stretch to the horizon but upwards to the sky.  This Exterior 3D Rendering by Render Vision depicts the 3D idea of an ecologically-designed skyscraper in New-York. It is a masterpiece of fusion and proves that nature always finds a way, even in an industrial City like New York.

With Render Vision, explore the growing trend of sustainable urban living through our detailed 3D renderings. Our vision of the Urban Forest project showcases an ecologically designed skyscraper that merges the bustling city life of New York with the tranquility of nature. This fusion aims to reimagine urban spaces, creating a healthier and greener environment for city dwellers. Our team’s expertise in architectural visualization allows us to represent this sustainable design accurately, helping stakeholders and city planners see the potential for a greener future in our cities.

DATE: 2021
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