The Solaris complex, majestically situated on the mid-northern NSW coast, encapsulates a multifaceted array of services and experiences – a 5-star hotel, a boutique retail hub, a council library, a retirement facility, a community center, and much more. It doesn’t just offer something for everyone; it entwines itself into the varied life threads of all who visit. Its design gracefully adopts elements from the expansive natural world surrounding it, drawing inspiration from the undulating coastline to the jagged rock formations.

Each 3D render we crafted of Solaris punctuates this unique architecture, bringing forth a digital visualization that mirrors the tangible aesthetic and ambient spirit of the place. Our 3d visualization process not only captures the property from unique, carefully chosen angles to showcase its intricate design but also emphasizes the engaging interplay of light and shadow, thus elevating the natural beauty of the real estate.

Every photorealistic visualization image is a testament to our meticulous approach, ensuring that each rendering not only reflects but also amplifies the architectural artistry and ambient charm that Solaris exudes.

DATE: 2022
CLIENT: TVS Architects
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