5 reasons why a 3D agency is better than in-house work

Sara Hoss


Let’s be honest, the last three years brought a number of changes, starting with a global pandemic in 2020 and ensuing instability all over the world, both politically and socially. Many businesses were affected, including companies active in the real estate, property development, architecture, or construction business. Everyone involved, whether it’s architects, investors, developers, or stakeholders, had to cut back. As a result, keeping employees, especially an in-house 3D rendering team, can turn into a financial impossibility. While the ability to produce 3D visualizations with designers from your own ranks becomes more difficult, impressive images are still the number one tool to successfully sell projects.

Your wise investment: How 3D agencies can help

They combine a passion for aesthetic architecture and realistic, powerful imagery with a team of talented 3D artists. This means that you’re provided with quick and smooth workflows, reasonable pricing options, and impressive results. You get to use important company resources for other tasks, while receiving high quality tailored exactly to your needs and requirements. We collected 5 reasons why working with 3D rendering agencies will allow you to spend less, but still get more:

  1. You save money

    Each member of your in-house team is on your monthly payroll and by that, a running cost that can quickly become unaffordable during an economic dry spell for many businesses. Collaborating with an external agency means that help is there exactly when you need it: As the workload can change throughout the year, you can spend your resources much more goal-oriented and efficiently.

  2. You profit from scalability

    You’re always limited to the size of your team; this can cause bottlenecks if you work on a large project, or budgets get cut due to a lack of orders and the in-house team ends up stuck on “standby”. Agencies for 3D rendering services, on the other hand, offer you the required scalability, as they can manage complex or even multiple projects. You can simply benefit from having access to the needed number of designers and 3D artists to get the job done professionally, and time-efficiently.

  3. You get to enjoy flexibility & competence

    A small in-house team is not a jack-of-all trade, which means you’re limited to the skills and talents your employees have to offer. Working with a 3D rendering agency gives you access to a large team of 3D specialists, who offer a wide range of techniques and fields of expertise for diverse projects. This allows you to profit from flexibility, reliable competence as well as the right approach and tools for any kind of task.

  4. You ensure high quality

    Of course, keeping the costs as low as possible, is everyone’s first priority during any crisis. But the quality is the last aspect that should suffer from it. What you need is a compromise between quality, time, and expenses. External rendering agencies make sure that you get the expertise of 3D artists, who have been working in the field of architecture and 3D design for several years – for an appropriate price. What makes them different to your average in-house team? Rather than doing the same day by day and losing one’s passion, specialized agencies are determined and committed to guarantee you the highest quality and efficiency every step of the way.

  5. You use time more efficiently

    Paying an in-house team means having running costs without being able to check the results, and whether your investment made sense. Hiring a 3D rendering service ensures that you only pay for what you need, thus having much more time on your hands to use more goal-oriented and efficiently. A bigger team of 3D artists can work on several tasks at once: that’s how they keep the turnaround time at a minimum, while still delivering a maximum of quality.


In times of crisis, but also in general; hiring an external team rather than an in-house team, gives you flexibility, time, and highly professional output to pursue your individual goals. That’s exactly where Render Vision, as a professional 3D rendering agency, comes into play: Using our visualizations and animations supports you in successfully signing deals and staying afloat in times of economic hardship. At the same time, you save valuable costs by working with us: All you need to do is tell us what you need, lean back, and profit from our years of experience, our ability to visualize any kind of project, and the smoothest workflows you have ever experienced.

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