The design of the coffee grinder is characterized by a minimalist approach. Clarity and function are in the foreground. The result is a design that meets the highest aesthetic demands and has a high recognition value. In addition to the appealing design, also offers outstanding functionality. The coffee grinder has a unique feel and grip, is easy to operate and delivers excellent grinding results thanks to the unique fine adjustment. The coffee grinder is made of high-quality and durable materials, which have been consistently selected ecologically.

In the 3D rendering we have placed millone “Definite” coffee grinder in a realistic environment to show how it looks in a kitchen. The coffee grinder is presented here as a functional object that not only looks elegant, but also provides excellent grinding results. The milieu conveys the feeling of quality and durability and emphasizes the high-quality, ecological and economical features of the coffee grinder.

DATE: 2023
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