Pelmondo is an Austrian company that produces unique outdoor products using state-of-the-art technology and sustainable materials. The clear, minimalistic design language and innovative burning technology enable an elegant and stylish appearance of the Pelmondo fireplaces. The products are not only environmentally friendly and CO2-neutral, but also cost-efficient to operate. The fireplaces are powered by ecological wood pellets and emit hardly any fine dust and ash.

To present the Pelmondo fireplaces in the best possible way, we should create 3D renderings that show the products in their natural environment. A realistic representation can give potential customers a better understanding of the products. We have showcased the fireplaces attractively and highlighted the unique features and characteristics of the products. This makes the buying decision easier and customers are impressed by the quality and design of the Pelmondo fireplaces.

CLIENT: Pelmondo GmbH
DATE: 2022
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