As the banking and financial capital of Germany, Frankfurt am Main is no stranger to exquisite modern buildings. Render Vision created this rendering of a proposed skyscraper that fits right into the city’s sophisticated skyline.

Designed to include both residential and commercial space, the structure stands apart for the intelligent way the two are separated. Architects optimized the floor plan to incorporate outdoor areas for offices located on the upper levels. This intelligent layout gives a welcome respite from an otherwise uniformly urban setting.

At Render Vision, we take pride in bringing the architectural vision of modern structures to life through our detailed 3D renderings. In Frankfurt am Main, Germany’s banking and financial capital, we’ve created a rendering for a proposed skyscraper that harmonizes with the city’s impressive skyline. This unique structure, blending residential and commercial spaces, represents a new era of urban design. Our photorealistic 3D visualization showcases the innovative layout and incorporation of outdoor areas in the upper levels, providing an immersive glimpse into a future of sophisticated urban living.

DATE: 2020