Is it possible to showcase complex, bulky equipment in a rendering so that it doesn’t immediately stand out for its size, but rather sparks interest? Our photorealistic 3D product rendering proves that this is achievable.

For the company ESTA Absaugtechnik, we have created a visualization of a product: FILTER TOWER  FILTOWER – a hall ventilation system designed to capture and filter dust, smoke, and oil mist. We have depicted this device in an extremely photorealistic manner, paying special attention to details.

We share the philosophy of our client, who aims not only to ensure safety and cleanliness in the workplace but also to create an impressive and functional product. Our 3D product rendering of the hall ventilation system not only reflects the size and technical specifications of the equipment but also aims to generate interest and promote understanding of the significance of this product in the working environment.

We strive not only to meet expectations but to exceed them.

DATE: 2023
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