3D Apartment Viewer

Liam Gennadiy

Huge leaps and strides in technology have made two trends especially clear. First of these is the shift towards machine autonomy while the other is the appeal of human interactivity.

My previous article touched on the former as it explored the intermeshing of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Architectural Visualization. In this article, I take a closer look at the interactive element from the perspective of a particular service, the 3D Apartment Viewer.

The 3D Apartment Viewer illustrates perfectly the real-time evolution of the real estate industry as it unfurls before us. Embraced enthusiastically by both businesses and clients, it emphasizes the increasing inseparability of business and technology.

What is the 3D Apartment Viewer?

Unlikely as it may initially seem, the experience of viewing a home has hardly changed over the past century. Save for the introduction of 360-degree tours, the audio-visual component of the home hunting experience has remained largely static. The advent of 3D apartment viewers is transforming that stagnant landscape.

Its strongest feature is that it is holistic; the software can even incorporate a 360-degree viewer into the interface as one of its many components.

Perhaps the most significant advantage of the 3D Apartment Viewer, though, is its incredible range of advanced interactive features. Here, we take a closer look at its unique edge over other real estate software.

View apartments before construction

Firstly, the 3D Apartment Viewer allows the potential buyer or renter to view a building that has not been constructed. Despite that hurdle, the 3D Apartment Viewer creates a realistic world containing the building and its surrounding area.

The most striking of its features is the panoramic view. Earlier technology focused almost exclusively on the interior of an apartment. Now, buyers can also see where the property sits within the neighborhood. They don’t have to imagine what the views from their future apartment will be – the program shows them.

Real estate developers can use this virtual 3D property to attract potential homeowners and renters even before construction begins. It allows them to lock in confirmed buyers without the need for expensive show flats. That can be a significant source of savings.

Even more relevant is the inflow of cash in the form of deposits from these buyers. With that inflow beginning sooner in the property development process, real estate businesses will benefit from a more stable, cash-rich business model.

View the site holistically

Legacy video tours worked fine a decade ago but cannot compare to the versatility of an interactive 3D Apartment Viewer. They were limited to the views, angles, and duration decided upon by a cinematographer. With this viewer-centric program, every element of the view is chosen by the person who intends to live there.

That means the viewing angles – even those physically impossible with a real camera – come into play. Viewers can even choose a perspective from inside the selected apartment. For buyers who appreciate a good view, that could make all the difference.

This incredible range and flexibility is arguably superior to an actual viewing, given that it can be as long or short as the buyer wants.

Advanced view, filter, save, and share capabilities

Users can interact with the building and view the property from every angle using on-screen arrows and/or a mouse or touchscreen. They can zoom in to discover small details and zoom out to see where a building stands relative to its surroundings.

On the interface, they can filter apartments by layout, size, and floor level(s). All units matching these criteria are highlighted on the 3D facade. If users click on one of those apartments, a card appears with its details. An inbuilt reverse-search feature lets users pick a specific apartment, then highlights others that match it on the facade.

Hit the ‘heart’ icon on an apartment details card and it is saved to a list of Favorites. Mail or message an apartment’s details directly from the interface using the integrated Share feature. When connected to compatible CRM software, it can be used to follow through with a sale.

Considering the complexity and utility of these features, the name “Apartment Viewer” seems a rather plain name for quite a spectacular leap in real estate technology.

Is the 3D Apartment Viewer a good investment?

Undoubtedly. Every segment of the real estate industry – from property developers to construction companies to real estate agencies – may be different but they can all benefit from this service. Here are some reasons why many of the biggest players in the industry are adopting 3D viewing technology.

Scarcity factor

One of the most compelling advantages of the 3D Apartment Viewer is how it allows prospective buyers to filter apartments by criteria. The interactive interface then highlights all the units with the block that match those criteria.

That resulting visual image of a small number of suitable units helps to induce the fear of missing out. For businesses hoping to convince a potential client to make a purchase, it can be the deciding factor. A single image of pictorial scarcity works better as a convincing argument than a thousand words.

Sales efficiency

One of the biggest challenges of any sales funnel is the hurdle of convincing prospective clients into it. From this perspective, the 3D Apartment Viewer is analogous to a car test drive.

This service lets users ‘live’ virtually in an apartment; they get to enjoy the same view they would if they lived there and even see how their future apartment will look from the street. That act of visualizing themselves in the property is similar to a car buyer roaring down the road in their dream car. It is the perfect moment for the salesperson to make the sale.

Emotional factor

The process of finding, filtering, and viewing an apartment or series of apartments is an emotional experience. At each step of the filtering process, the user decides on a feature that they like. Successive filters strengthen that emotional attachment to the apartments that meet those criteria.

This bond helps to persuade the viewer to purchase a property.

Time Factor

It is impossible to overstate the time savings inbuilt into the use of a 3D Apartment Viewer. They are threefold.

Showing time – Displaying a property to buyers is a time-consuming and tedious process. It is further complicated by late arrivals and canceled appointments. The same agent cannot handle multiple clients at once and has to plan the viewings around their other responsibilities.

Before construction time – With the 3D Apartment Viewer, you do not have to wait for a single pylon, foundation stone, or brick to be laid. All potential buyers can immerse themselves in the home of their dream once you feed the plans into the program and generate the 3D building. This consequently larger sales window will improve the likelihood that you achieve your sales targets.

Buyer’s time – With apartments available all over the city, why would a buyer take the time to visit yours? Very often, they choose the most convenient ones close to their location and don’t take the time to investigate others. The 3D Apartment Viewer brings your property straight to buyers everywhere in the city, the country, and even the world. With no time wasted on travel, a much larger pool of buyers will consider purchasing your property.

Seller’s time – Sellers can limit viewings to potential buyers who have used the 3D viewing service as it is an indicator of strong interest. This weeds out the segment of viewers who take up time but are not committed to a purchase.

Hype factor

Technology is appealing, especially to the younger generation of buyers. An interactive experience speaks to their sense of individuality and gives them an added reason to consider an available apartment.

It is also an effective driver of social interaction, especially online. Many buyers will be impressed by the advanced technology and will likely share the experience with their social circle. They can become an effective marketing tool for your real estate (and your company) despite being unpaid.

The resulting hype will only further expand sales prospects.

Consistency factor

No matter how talented your sales team is, factors such as fatigue, personality, mood, and biases affect their performance.

The 3D Apartment Viewer requires no rest. It does not need a lunch break, nor does it get weary of repeating the same spiel and facts to every prospective buyer. Every factor is displayed prominently and with an equal focus on the most attractive features as chosen by you.

This consistent performance is an asset to your company and magnifies your ability to convince an individual to make a purchase.

Savings factor

A real estate business has to hire and maintain a team of capable agents to display its properties and make the sale. Every additional employee is a cost to the business in not just salary, but also benefits such as medical coverage and vacation days.

By contrast, the 3D Apartment Viewer works all day, every day at no additional expense. Moreover, it can handle multiple viewers at the same time, something that would ordinarily require multiple agents.

View matters from this perspective and you can understand that the program pays for itself quickly and then translates into profit.

After reading this long list  – which I could easily make even longer – of benefits that buyers and sellers can enjoy with the 3D Apartment Viewer why not try it out yourself?

Experience an immersive world with your dream apartment at its center:

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