Galdhøpiggen is the highest mountain in Scandinavia and our project of the same name is just as impressive. The modern architecture of its stacked and staggered building elements blends tastefully into its environment while the lights of the polygonal stories illuminate the harbor view in a warm pale yellow.

The minimalistic room-high windows of the glass facade offer a look inside this modern complex which consists of two identically designed buildings: the taller one is of seven stories and the shorter, four. Each also has an elegant green rooftop terrace.

Our architecture 3d render brings out the aesthetic contrast between the light and mirrored levels, which artfully reflect the sky and the deep color of the sea.

Leveraging our expertise in architectural 3D rendering, we’ve managed to vividly portray the grandeur of the Galdhøpiggen project. Our photorealistic visuals accurately mirror the project’s striking architectural design – the layered stories, the sleek glass facade, the verdant rooftop terraces, and the stunning harbor view. Each reflective surface, each luminous level, and every architectural detail have been carefully replicated to render a precise and aesthetically pleasing virtual replica of the project. By highlighting the unique architectural elements and the symbiotic relationship between the building and its surroundings, we’ve effectively brought to life this architectural marvel.

DATE: 2022